A chaos of trouble; When a “tomboy” has to buy cosmetics


Growing up as “tomboy” is a problem because when one has to actually do girly stuff it’s hard to identify what to do and how to do it. Same happened with me once when I had to buy beauty products for the very first time. It was so difficult buying it all by myself. I had no foggiest idea  what brand should I choose. I was being so lazy that I decided to skip the idea of visiting any store and instead I decided to purchase it online.

So, I just picked up my laptop and started searching for the top beauty products in Australia. I had heard of Sephora discount codes. On my research I found out Sephora had a great number of beauty products and it is a very well known cosmetic brand. It had great reviews and also they were offering latest Sephora coupon codes. Being a lipstick fan I realized that they had some amazing and tacky colors and a splendid collection of lipsticks.

I told them I bought these online on a website offering Sephora’s promo codes on SuperSaverMama. So, we revisited their store and my sisters went crazy all over their products on such amazing discounts and they ended up shopping for so many stuff.

It was pretty easy shopping online.I just logged in to their website and started searching for the products I wanted. The store was flooded with so amazing beauty products that one could not refrain from falling for it. The major problem I faced was controlling  my hands from buying. Sephora vouchers were so amazing that I could not resist shopping for more and more cosmetics. I ended up shopping for more than the items I eventually needed.

When your sisters find out you purchased cosmetics on “discount codes Sephora”:

Delivery was done on the deadline given. When my parcels reached, my mother and my sisters were so shocked to see that what I ordered was actually cosmetic. When I showed them what I bought they could not stop flaunting over my shopping. They wanted me to share with them. I was being so clingy I did not want to share it with anyone.


So, it was a nice start up experience for a tomboy to buy cosmetics. Thanks to Sephora for saving my neck.

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