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Sunshine saga Villa is famous for being a budgeted hotel that is only available with Agoda promo codes for accommodation references and accommodation booking. I was so impressed by the dealing and the services that I that I had to cancel my previously confirmed booking with one of the other hotels on the coast. The other hotel that previously booked at and regretted the moment I got my eyes on the Agoda website, was more like a resort type, completed with cottages and swimming pool.

With the help of Agoda I was able to make the last minute booking with the Agoda Discount codes provided by the Agoda team. I got this privileged codes on signing as a member of the agoda website. Sunshine saga villa in comparison with the other hotel had no swimming pool and did not even cater a proper restaurant , but I was still satisfied with the hotel service and as we usually ate outside it didn’t matter much to me if the hotel had a proper restaurant or not. This was one of the first few best reviewed hotels in the Agoda website and it helped me in making my decision.

We were in sunshine coast for a day and it didn’t matter much, all we wanted was a good clean place to sleep and bath. Agoda worked wonders in hunting out this peaceful place and I enjoyed every bit of it as this place was super affordable due to the Agoda coupon codes. Sunshine saga villa was able to cater to all our needs and was also super kind to give us an efficient and informative tour of the sunshine coast tourist places and the archaeological complex. The staff was friendly and gave us their best service once they got to know that our bookings were majorly done with the help of Agoda and their booking and accommodation team.

Discounts at Agoda were the primary source of help when we needed upper class facilities for our room service, it was quite a delight to see the efficient help one could get with these Agoda coupon codes. Our sunshine saga villa tour guide helped us with the tour around the major lakes, hunting down of air conditioned dinner areas and two way airport transfers. I would really recommend you to have a try with the Agoda booking as it helped us a lot in our one day tour at the sunshine coast.

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